– Who doesn’t know the traditional Kembang Goyang cake? Almost everyone knows it.

Kembang goyang is a traditional cake from Betawi. Made from a mixture of rice flour, sugar, eggs and coconut milk.

It is called a rocking flower because its shape resembles a flower or flower and the process of making it is by shaking it so that it is released from the mold. Rocking flowers are made with special molds.

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How to make it fairly easy. However, sometimes there are challenges in the process of frying the goyang flower dough, namely the dough sticks to the mold making it difficult to get off.

Here are tips so that the rocking flower dough doesn’t stick to the mold, reported by YouTube Lilis Rahma.

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1. Burn the mold over the fire.

Burn the rocking flower mold so that it doesn’t stick, by burning the mold over a fire until the color of the mold changes.

This method is mainly used for iron molds which can rust, but if the mold is made of aluminum, heating does not have to change color.

2. Dip into cold water

After the mold is burned until hot, then the mold is dipped in cold water so that the water appears to be boiling.

3. The mold is reheated over the fire

After being dipped in cold water then reheated over the fire until hot.

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