– The city of Tegal has always been synonymous with warteg or Warung Tegal which serves a lot of home-cooked meals such as tempe orek, omelet and others.

Warteg are spread throughout Indonesia and are friends for those of us who want to eat home-cooked food.

Apart from warteg, in fact Tegal still has many culinary specialties that are delicious and make you drool.

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The following are typical Tegal foods that the Bonsernews team summarizes for you.

1. Kupat Glabed

Kupat Glabed

Kupat Glabed ( Instagram @infotegal)

As the name implies, the glazed kupat consists of ketupat and yellow sauce which is ‘glabed’ or thick. A serving of Kupat Glabed contains pieces of kupat, tempeh, yellow vegetables, chili sauce and yellow noodle crackers.

You can also choose a side dish according to your taste, such as boiled eggs, chicken, satay kikil or clam satay.

The taste of the thick yellow sauce that shakes the tongue coupled with the soft texture of the diamond is guaranteed to make you more.

2. Aci Tofu

Ace knows

Aci Tofu ( Instagram @semarangfoodhunter)

Tahu Aci or what the Tegal people usually call tofu pletok is only made from tofu and aci, but it is a very popular snack and can be found throughout the city of Tegal.

It is called tofu pletok because when it is fried, it produces splashes of oil from the aci which expands to produce a pletok-pletok sound.

Even though it seems simple, this food has a delicious and savory taste which is definitely suitable to eat while relaxing.

The combination of soft tofu and chewy aci adds to the sensation of pleasure in every bite.

3. Sego Ponggol

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