– After carrying out the qurban worship, it is important to know the right way to store meat so that it stays fresh and durable.

Because not everyone understands and is an expert in storing qurbani meat, many things are often overlooked even though they are very important.

The following is a collection of tips that can help you store qurbani meat properly:

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1. Precise Cutting

After slaughtering a sacrificial animal, it is important to cut the meat properly.

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Make sure the cuts are done cleanly and accurately according to your needs.

Cut the meat into portions suitable for use or sharing with others.

2. Clean Well

Before storing meat, make sure to clean it well.

Rinse the meat under running water to remove blood and adhering dirt.

This will help keep the meat clean and prevent the growth of bacteria that can damage its quality.

3. Wrap up tightly

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