– In the month of Ramadan, there is one food that is not missed by the Palestinian people, namely Kunafa.

Kunafa is one of the popular desserts throughout the Middle East, including Palestine.

Kunafa is a dessert made of sweet, crunchy layers topped with cheese, cream and sugar syrup.

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Kunafa Palestine is known worldwide for its unique taste and texture, as well as the quality ingredients used to make it.

Kunafa is made from a basic ingredient of flour and semolina mixed with melted butter and water to form an elastic dough.

The dough is then placed on a buttered baking sheet and baked in the oven until the dough turns golden brown and crispy.

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After that, the kunafa layer is filled with Mozzarella or Akkawi cheese which is cut into small pieces, then covered with another layer of kunafa.

After it’s finished being coated, the kunafa is then baked again until the cheese melts and the kunafa layer becomes crunchier.

Kunafa is usually served with sweet liquid sugar syrup and floral water aroma (rosewater) to give a distinctive taste and aroma.

Before serving, kunafa is usually cut into pieces and served warm.

Palestinian Kunafa is very famous all over the world for its unique taste and texture.

The ingredients used to make Palestinian kunafa are usually of the highest quality, including high-quality flour and semolina, real butter, fresh mozzarella or akkawi cheese, and molasses made from real sugar.

Kunafa Palestine is also a symbol of the rich culture and history of Palestine. These foods have been a part of everyday life and special occasions in Palestine for centuries.

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