BONSERNEWS.com – White sugar is one of the kitchen ingredients that cannot be absent in a dish.

However, you can also be creative by adding sugar substitutes for sweetness.

Of course, there are a number of the best ingredients to replace the function of sugar in cooking.

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Here are the best sweeteners for cooking besides sugar, quoted from the Tasting Table page.

1. maple syrup

Many people began to use maple syrup in various types of delicious dishes.

Maple syrup is made from tapped sugar maple trees to freeze and thaw in late fall and early spring.

This change in temperature liquefies the sap, and trees are tapped to collect it.

This sap resembles sugar water and must be boiled until the water content has evaporated, leaving a gooey, sweet, flavorful syrup.

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There are many unusual ways to use maple syrup in the kitchen.

This includes using it in coffee, adding it to grilled salmon, drizzling it over steamed carrots, and adding it to just about any dessert you can think of.

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