– Apart from wearing the best clothes, going home, apologizing, another thing that is synonymous with Eid in Indonesia is of course the special Eid dishes!

It turns out that there are quite a lot of typical Eid dishes that are often served on the tables of every home.

What are these foods? Let’s see. Guaranteed to be more homesick!

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1. Ketupat

In almost all regions of Indonesia, Eid dishes in the form of ketupat are almost always served.

Ketupat is usually served with other Eid dishes such as chicken opor, rendang, jackfruit vegetable curry or potato liver fried chili sauce.

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2. Chicken Opor

Apart from ketupat, a mandatory menu that is available at the moment of Eid in Indonesia is chicken opor.

Not only during Eid, chicken opor is also often consumed as a daily meal.

Opor ayam is chicken meat boiled in coconut milk. Coconut milk sauce for opor is made from spices such as coconut milk, lemon grass, kencur, turmeric and salt.

Opor ayam can be served with ketupat or rice.

3. Rendang

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