BONSERNEWS.com – Confused looking for simple food recommendations guaranteed to be delicious? So seblak lovers, let’s come together. This is a viral seblak like Rafael Tan which can be a new menu recommendation.

Seblak coet or seblak cobek is made from simple and easy-to-find ingredients.

The uniqueness of this one food is that the place where it is served is using a mortar, then if the other seblak is synonymous with fresh gravy, this is different from no gravy at all.

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Apart from that, to make this one food that definitely won’t make your pocket dry.

Ingredients for a mortar:

1. 250 gr of white rose crackers

2. 4 grains of garlic

3. Kencur

4. Cayenne pepper to taste

5. Scallions

6. Cooking oil

7. Flavoring, sugar, salt to taste

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