BONSERNEWS.com – Here are tips on caring for a gas stove in the kitchen to maintain safety and performance, do and don’t do:


1. Cleaning regularly

Clean the surface of the gas hob after use to remove any food residue or oil that may have stuck to it. Use a clean rag and mild soap to clean the hob surface.

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2. Clean the burners

Remove the burner from the hob and clean it with a soft brush and liquid detergent. Make sure to clean the small holes in the burner to keep it clean and not clogged.

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3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the gas regulator

If the stove is equipped with a gas regulator, make sure to clean it regularly. Turn off the gas supply, remove the regulator, and clean with a slightly damp soft cloth.

4. Pay attention to gas leaks

Routinely, check whether there is a gas leak in the gas hose and regulator. Use a gas leak finder solution, which can be found at home improvement stores. If there is a leak, call a gas technician immediately to fix it.

Do Not Do:

1. Using excessive water

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