– Serabi or surabi (in Sundanese) is a traditional snack made from rice flour and coconut milk.

There are two types of pancakes that are famous in Indonesia: Serabi from Bandung, West Java, and pancakes from Solo, Central Java.

In addition, pancakes are thought to be influenced by Indian and Dutch culinary cultures.

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Apart from all that, pancakes have become a snack that is liked by many Indonesians wherever they are.

Pancakes are usually served with a sprinkling of liquid brown sugar. However, now this snack can be served with a variety of sprinkles.

If you want to try pancakes with a different taste image than usual, we can order a cake similar to this “pancake” with a sprinkling of chocolate, cheese, strawberries and even oncom.

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Currently, pancakes are not always synonymous with traditional snacks sold on the side of the road because many modern shops sell them.

For those who can’t or don’t usually eat heavy meals in the morning, pancakes can be a filling alternative for breakfast.

Accompanied by a cup of coffee and served warm, pancakes will increase our energy.

A piece of pancake contains about 300 kcal (kilo calories), enough to meet the calories our body needs in the morning (300-500 kcal).

If it’s only sprinkled with liquid brown sugar, pancakes won’t make us spend deeply.

With other toppings as mentioned above, the price of a piece of pancake is actually still relatively affordable.

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