BONSERNEWS.com – For those of you who want to eat the original Palembang catfish, you don’t need to worry because the recipe is easy to make.

You don’t need to come to Palembang if you want to eat Palembang’s original pindang catfish because you can make it using recipes that are available at home.

You can follow this original Palembang catfish recipe at home because the recipe ingredients can be found easily at the nearest market.

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Pindang catfish has a strong taste with sour, sweet, savory and spicy mixed together.

Eating pindang catfish native to Palembang when the weather is cold or when it’s raining tastes better especially with the sauce that’s still warm.

For those of you who want to make the original Palembang catfish pindang yourself, here’s a recipe for how to make it and the ingredients used.

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Palembang’s original pindang patin recipe for 5 servings.


– 1kg catfish

– 5 red onions

– 5 long red chilies

– 5 hot red chilies

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