BONSERNEWS.COM– Many pastries are the choice of most people on big days.

Many pastries are chosen because of their sweet taste and practical small shape.

Of the various variations, pastries filled with jam, such as nastar, are much sought after because of the sweet and fresh taste of the jam filling.

To meet the demand for pastries filled with jam, the following summarizes eight types of pastries filled with fruit jam that are inspiring from various countries:

1. Hamantaschen from Israel and Eastern Europe

Hamantaschen are triangular pastries from Israel which were spread to Eastern Europe by the Jews.

Hamantaschen is made on Purim, the Jewish spring festival on the 14th or 15th day of Adar commemorating Haman’s defeat in the genocide of the Jews as written in the book of Esther.

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Hamantaschen is made from shortbread dough filled with fruit jam and a poppy seed in the middle.

Hamantaschen is usually enjoyed with a glass of milk or warm drink.

2. Mrkvanky from Czech

Mrkvanky is a crescent-shaped shortbread cookie filled with Czech jam.

Mrkvanky is made by mixing fresh carrots in the batter.

Traditional Mrkvanky uses plum jam as a filling.

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