– After fasting for 30 days came the awaited feast day.
One that is synonymous with Hari Raya is a typical dish, namely ketupat.

The holiday is a moment of togetherness for the family, it’s no wonder that there are many special dishes during the holiday. Various dishes are also available during the holidays.

Ketupat is a mandatory menu during holidays, but there must be a companion menu.
There are lots of accompanying menus that are served with ketupat during holidays.

Here are some menus for accompanying ketupat during Eid.

1. Opor ayam
Opor ayam is a very common dish and is often paired with ketupat.
Chicken-based preparations cooked with coconut milk and various spices make it delicious and delicious.

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Opor itself can be from free-range chicken or broiler chicken, but what is more popular is opor made from free-range chicken.
This is because free-range chicken has a lot of nutrients.

2. Rendang
This typical Minang meal is no doubt its pleasure.
This beef-based food is also suitable for serving with ketupat on holidays.

Especially if you add the coconut milk sauce from the opor, it adds its own flavor.
Even though rendang takes a long time to make, many people are still willing to take the time to make this processed meat.

3. Balado potatoes
If you already have rendang, it won’t be complete if you have processed balado potatoes.
Balado potatoes are processed potatoes mixed with chicken liver and gizzard and seasoned with spicy seasoning.

In some processed balado potatoes, some add petai in it.
Balado potatoes also include long-lasting dishes to store.

4. Meat stew
Not only rendang, there are other processed meats that are usually served during holidays, one of which is beef stew.

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Beef stew is usually served with eggs and potato wedges.
Meat stew is a quite popular menu during Eid al-Fitr.

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