– How to wash dishes so that the kitchen is always neat, comfortable, avoiding annoying piles of dirty equipment.

By applying the method of washing dishes that will be described below, you will be free from uncomfortable feelings. You will feel right at home.

Because indeed a pile of dirty dishes, glasses, bowls, spoons, pans, which are all dirty, is very unsightly.

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Here’s how to wash dishes and their dirty friends that will make your life happier.

1. After use, wash immediately

This is an easy way to make your kitchen and home always look tidy. Do not delay washing activities.

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After eating, immediately wash the dishes, spoons, bowls and others that have just been used.

After drinking, wash the glass immediately. Not tomorrow or the day after, just wash it

This requires high discipline. If it becomes a habit, this activity will not be difficult.

2. What If You’re Lazy?

It is undeniable that there may be times when you are lazy to wash dishes, or maybe you are in a hurry and have to go immediately for some business.

No need to worry, it’s okay to be like this, after all this doesn’t happen every day right.

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