BONSERNEWS.com – Unagi is a popular food menu in Japan which is much-loved by both Japanese and Indonesians.

You don’t have to come all the way to Japan to taste it. It turns out that Unagi comes from Cilacap Indonesia.

Unagi or known as eels are often found in the waters of the Cilacap district of Indonesia.

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It turns out that Unagi is not an eel that is known until now, Unagi is a type of fish.

Unagi meat is very soft, chewy, not too sweet and doesn’t have a fishy aroma like eel.

Unagi is often associated with a luxury menu native to Japan and is found mostly in Japanese waters.

That turned out to be wrong, most Unagi seeds are found in Indonesian waters, especially in Cilacap.

The Mina Sidat Bersatu Cooperative is located on Jalan Trantana RT 02 RW 04 Kaliwungu Village, Kedungreja District, Cilacap.

Kaliwungu Village is known as the first exporter and first eel cultivation in Indonesia.

So that the Ministry of Fisheries together with the Cilacap regency government strictly prohibits illegal fishing of Unagi seeds.

Unagi is increasingly famous after ‘partaisocmed’ revealed that unagi or eels are most commonly found in Cilacap Indonesia.

Indonesian netizens just found out the truth and are flocking to find out the price of Unagi.

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