– Pudding is liked by many people because of its sweet taste and soft texture.

Its mild nature but fulfilling the body’s need for sugar makes pudding the choice of most people when dining.

Pudding is also much sought after because the portion tends to be small, making it the right choice as a dessert or an alternative to a light breakfast menu in the morning.

Related to that, the Middle East as a region rich in culinary culture has various kinds of pudding.

This diversity arises due to the influence of cultural diversity that exists in the Middle East and the abundance of existing ingredients, including various spices, which makes Middle Eastern puddings have many variations.

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The variations that exist can be in the form of the main ingredients of pudding, spices, or complementary ingredients for pudding.

Of the various types of pudding from the Middle East that exist, here are five types of pudding from the Middle East which are inspiring:

1. Halwas

According to The Arabian Nights Cookbook, halwa is a sweet pudding from Oman.

The texture is similar to Turkish Delight, a jelly-like preparation made from corn flour.

Halwa is usually served with warm drinks as a snack or snack in the morning.

2. Umm Ali

Umm Ali is a classic Egyptian bread pudding dish.

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